Real Estate and Environmental Responsibility: Understanding the Implications for Commercial

National Due Diligence Services’ Professional Assessors are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of environmental responsibility, ensuring that all real estate assessments and surveys are conducted with a focus on sustainable practices and regulatory compliance. A crucial aspect of commercial due diligence involves assessing potential environmental liabilities associated with the property to be acquired. This is […]

Leverage These Tools for Effective Land Use Planning

National Due Diligence Services is your destination for the tools you may need for your next project. Our comprehensive suite of services can help pave the way for efficient and sustainable land utilization, and it starts with land surveys. National Due Diligence Services delivers precise, timely, and actionable commercial land surveys along with other beneficial […]

Why Professional Land Surveyors Are Indispensable in Commercial Real Estate Investments

National Due Diligence Services is your resource for comprehensive commercial real estate solutions. Our professional land surveyors combine advanced technology and industry knowledge to deliver accurate results dedicated to ensuring your investment is sound. In commercial real estate transactions, professional land surveyors are an indispensable resource. They define property boundaries with precision, averting conflicts with […]

Investigating Unseen Risks: The Science Behind Site Contamination Assessments

National Due Diligence Services excels in providing top-tier site contamination assessments, a crucial process designed to uncover potential environmental hazards on a given property. Leveraging our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology, we investigate the site to identify the source, nature, extent, and potential risks of any contamination.  When considering buying a property, knowing its history […]

Understanding Zoning and Land Use through ALTA Land Title Survey Services

Zoning ordinances and land use are crucial considerations to keep in mind when purchasing property due to the impact they could have on your investment. National Due Diligence Services specializes in ALTA Land Title Survey services that are intended to provide all necessary information needed to make a wise investment decision. Zoning and land use […]

The Intersection of Technology and Land Surveying Services: A New Era

National Due Diligence Services provides a wide range of land surveying services intended to aid your property development, acquisition, or inspections. We are a dedicated team of professionals who help with various due diligence services such as Environmental Site Assessments, land surveys, property condition assessments, and more. The Evolution of Land Surveying Technology Land surveying […]

Unraveling Land Disputes: How Boundary Surveys Clarify Ownership Rights

If you find yourself in the middle of a land dispute, we’re here to help. Our professional and efficient boundary surveys are intended to properly define your property lines and settle any discrepancies you may be facing with your property lines. Boundary surveys are a component within an ALTA Land Title Survey that provide a […]

Navigating Complex Investments: The Role of Real Estate Due Diligence

For a seamless real estate transaction, National Due Diligence Services is your reliable partner. Leveraging the importance of real estate due diligence, our experts ensure thorough investigations and comprehensive assessments are conducted for each deal.  When acquiring a commercial property, it’s crucial that you do your research and conduct any necessary assessments to ensure the […]

Phase 1 ESA vs. Phase 2: Key Differences and When Each is Necessary

National Due Diligence Services offers professional and efficient Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments to ensure your property acquisitions are within ASTM regulations for environmental contaminants, protecting you and your investments in the long run. Arranging for an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a crucial step towards reducing risk during […]

An Introduction To The Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

National Due Diligence Services is comprised of a team of experts in identifying environmental conditions. We are your one-stop shop for conducting efficient and thorough Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments. To make informed decisions during a real estate transaction, lenders will generally require a buyer to request a Phase 1 Environmental Site […]