Environmental Database Review Report

NDDS’ Environmental Assessment teams are experts in identifying environmental conditions and contamination liabilities. Our in-house and nationwide professionals provide a growing need for identifying, protecting and keeping your project in compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

In an effort to meet the demands of our clients, for both time and cost-saving measures, we offer a range of environmental reports.  The Environmental Database Review Report (DBR) offers an excellent value for anticipated low risk asset types.  The DBR is designed to help determine whether there are environmental findings of concern regarding the property or surrounding properties in federal, state or local agency environmental databases.  These databases, including various Environmental Historical Reports, access many of the same resources as would a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

The search radii for the database conforms to the American Society of Testing & Measurements (ASTM) Standard E1527-21/AAI.  However, the scope of the investigation will not conform to the requirements of “All Appropriate Inquiry”.

NDDS’ Environmental Database Review Report includes:

  • Research to identify the site, and surrounding site, parameters
  • Access the various Environmental Historical Reports
  • Identify any environmental findings of concern
  • Review by an Environmental Professional
  • Report risks, if any, associated with the site
  • Does not include a site visit to identify all Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC)

It is important to understand that the Environmental Database Review is not adequate to support regulatory defenses to liability or to guarantee the identification of all possible environmental risks associated with the property.  However, it can provide an overall sense of the risk that a significant release has occurred and can be useful to real estate owners, investors and lenders who are not concerned with CERCLA defenses to liability and do not require the degree of assurance provided by a Phase I ESA and similar assessment activities. The Report will recommend further investigation, including a Phase I ESA, if conditions warrant.

Sample Environmental Database Review Report

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