Tier II ADA Compliance Review

When you’re involved in a real estate transaction, it’s important to recognize the general condition of the subject property and to make sure the existing facility is accessible for people with disabilities.  NDDS’ Americans with Disability Compliance Review helps eliminate concerns shared by you and your lender during the due diligence process by detailing non-compliance issues. The ADA Accessibility Guidelines require that new buildings be designed and constructed with accessibility features.   Also, new construction or rehabilitation of existing facilities including recreation areas must incorporate accessibility features.

NDDS will furnish these requirements as a guide to help determine readily achievable barrier removal for existing facilities. Whenever possible, the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guide should be used in making readily achievable modifications. If you are unable to achieve full compliance, a modification may be undertaken that does not fully comply with ADAAG- as long as it does not pose a health or safety risk.

The ADAAG checklist is based on the four priorities recommended by the Title III regulations for planning readily achievable barrier removal projects:

Priority 1: Accessible entrance into the facility
Priority 2: Access to goods and services
Priority 3: Access to restrooms
Priority 4: Any other measures necessary

Sample ADA Report
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