Zoning Reports

zoningYou can trust an NDDS Zoning Report to be reviewed by an expert. Whether you are buying or selling a property, planning to develop, redevelop, or renovate, the process starts when you contact your NDDS representative.  We will help determine whether you need to order a new report, have an existing report that may just need to be updated, or just have general zoning questions. Relay on our years of experience working with municipal officials in every state who know how to simplify and in turn expedite the zoning process. Send us what you have and we will do the rest.

Why a Zoning Report

  • Learn the status of the property: conforming, non-conforming, legal non-conforming
  • Lenders may require this report to secure financing
  • Shows height, setback, density, and area compliance requirements
  • Look at compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Recognize parking requirements and use
  • Identify building and safety or zoning code violations
  • See planned developments that might impact the property

If the property does not conform to any of the regulations mentioned above, the loan, as well as the long term ownership of the property may be impacted. Lenders can require additional insurance if a property is nonconforming. Furthermore, if a nonconforming property is damaged or destroyed, or any renovations are made, it may be required to be rebuilt to comply with the current zoning code.

Full Zoning Report

NDDS’ comprehensive report includes a Zoning Letter from the jurisdictional agency, Land Development Standards reviewed by our specialists, Certificate of Occupancy, Complete Review of all Code Sections including Zoning, Building Code Violations, Permits, Zoning Ordinances, Condemnation and Conformance Status.

Zoning Letters

We work from an extensive data base of local jurisdictional agencies. When verification of the zoning district is necessary, we will provide a Zoning Letter. When requesting zoning letters for multiple sites.

ALTA 6a & 6b Reports

Required zoning information for table 6a & 6b items are included per the ALTA/ACSM survey optional Table A requirements. Once we’ve received a request, we expedite this service within 24-48 hours, if information is readily available by jurisdictional agency.

Summary Report

The Summary Report includes a Zoning Letter with Site Zoning Requirements. Our specialists obtain information by contacting local jurisdictions and summarize pertinent information to assist you in understanding the subject property.

View Sample Zoning Report

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