Why Professional Land Surveyors Are Indispensable in Commercial Real Estate Investments

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In commercial real estate transactions, professional land surveyors are an indispensable resource. They define property boundaries with precision, averting conflicts with neighboring properties. Confirming local zoning compliance prevents legal tangles and unexpected costs, and their careful assessments identify issues like easements or encroachments, influencing your property’s value and use. This vital information empowers buyers and sellers, aiding investment decisions and future plans. Neglecting a surveyor’s expertise risks overlooking crucial details that could profoundly impact the transaction’s success.

Professional Land Surveyors and Zoning Reports

When you’re looking to buy or sell property, conducting a land survey is commonly recommended before finalizing the deal. In commercial real estate transactions, one of the most frequently used survey forms are zoning reports, which establish the precise boundary lines of a property.

Our professional land surveyors play an essential role in your commercial real estate assessment: creating a zoning report for your property. A property zoning report is created by analyzing public records and conducting on-site inspections to determine land use restrictions for commercial property. This report indicates if the property’s current use is legally approved, grandfathered in, or no longer allowed under new regulations. It will also tell you what the property can and cannot be used for and indicate any upcoming zoning law changes. 

We’ll compile these findings into a comprehensive zoning report. This report informs your lender of the property’s financial investment potential and proves invaluable for your long-term plans. Understanding zoning restrictions and allowances is crucial if you have specific ideas or visions for the property, such as building warehouses, office buildings, or other structures. Being equipped with this information can prevent potential challenges or costly adjustments in the future, ensuring that your investment aligns with your intended use.

Land Surveyors and Future Risk Mitigationprofessional land surveyors

Land surveyors play a vital role in real estate transactions by identifying potential issues that could harm your property in the future, leading to financial burdens. Their expertise helps uncover hidden concerns, such as boundary disputes, encroachments, or zoning restrictions, which might not be immediately evident. By addressing these issues early on, you can make informed decisions and take appropriate measures to mitigate risks, ensuring a smoother and more secure property acquisition process. Using one of our professional land surveyors, you can identify some of the most common issues in a commercial real estate transaction.

  • Boundary Disputes: Without a recent survey, you may find yourself in conflicts with neighbors over boundary lines which has the potential to be an expensive and time-consuming process.
  • Zoning Violations: If a property doesn’t comply with local zoning regulations, you could face legal fines or be required to remove or modify structures within your property lines. 
  • Environmental Restrictions: Some lands have environmental protections or hazards that limit development. Further assessments can be done on your property to check for these potential issues, such as a Phase 1 or Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment.

Land Surveyors and Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) involves a site visit from our professional land surveyors to identify potential environmental contamination liabilities and assess risks that could impact the property. It evaluates groundwater and surface water quality, the presence of hazardous substances, the historical use of such chemicals, and other factors affecting property safety. If no risks are found, no further steps are mandated by ASTM standards for acquisition. However, the presence of Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) will require a Phase 2 Environmental Assessment to investigate these environmentally hazardous conditions further.

A Phase 2 ESA involves collecting surface water, groundwater, soil, potentially hazardous materials, and vapor samples to understand initial RECs. Following tests and analyses, we create a report interpreting contamination severity. If levels are high, site cleanup and remediation follow to restore natural conditions and prevent harm to people and wildlife.

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