Leverage These Tools for Effective Land Use Planning

National Due Diligence Services is your destination for the tools you may need for your next project. Our comprehensive suite of services can help pave the way for efficient and sustainable land utilization, and it starts with land surveys.

National Due Diligence Services delivers precise, timely, and actionable commercial land surveys along with other beneficial services to streamline your land use planning. Our offerings include:

  • American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys
  • Zip Maps
  • Land Development Services
  • Property Condition Assessments

These services can provide an efficient foundation for land use planning because they provide vital information about property boundaries, topographic features, and suitability for various uses. 

ALTA Surveys

An ALTA Survey stands apart from typical land surveys due to its comprehensive list of requirements that surveyors evaluate during a property visit. An ALTA Land Survey provides extensive details on property boundaries and identifies easements, rights-of-way, and potential encumbrances. The ALTA survey is typically a requirement for securing a Title Insurance policy thereby ensuring there are no issues with the chain of title. The ALTA survey is generally used for the proper transfer of ownership, thus aiding in transparent transactions and mitigating potential legal disputes.

Zip MapsLand Surveys

National Due Diligence Services’ (NDDS) Zip Map is an aerial and exception map that uses the recorded legal description, drafted along with any exceptions to the title commitment and overlaid over an aerial photo. NDDS offers its clients the service armed with a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s or Drones) that can fly the property for a current, high-def and rectified image of the property. It is an excellent alternative for properties that can sometimes be inaccessible due to unpredictable weather patterns, safety hazards, or environmentally protected zones. 

National Due Diligence Services can help by offering a central point of contact for beneficial services that can help streamline your planning.

Our offerings include:

  • ALTA Surveys to help with the conveyance of ownership.
  • Land Development Services helping to ensure your project is on the right track
  • Zip Maps as an effective tool offering preliminary insights into the overall project.

Land Development Services

NDDS offers a comprehensive collection of commercial land surveys services that play a pivotal role in effective land development planning. Here’s how:

  • Development and design conceptualizes property utilization.
  • ROW mapping ensures precise right-of-way determinations.
  • Boundary surveys properly define property lines.
  • Encroachment resolution addresses potential boundary overlaps that could result in disputes.
  • Topographic surveys provide a detailed and thorough view of the land’s elevation changes and contours.
  • Elevation certificates offer essential data for flood risk assessments.
  • Condo and subdivision surveys ensure that multi-unit properties are distinctly and correctly plotted.
  • Wetland surveys highlight areas that might be ecologically sensitive to comply with sustainable development.

Entrusting NDDS with your land development requirements guarantees accurate data and a strategic perspective. We’re committed to delivering insights that empower you to optimize land value, meet regulatory standards, and execute visionary projects. 

How National Due Diligence Services Can Help You

National Due Diligence Services stands at the forefront of commercial land surveying, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to ensure precision, efficiency, and accuracy. Our dedicated professionals harness the power of advanced tools such as GPS, drones, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems for each of our commercial land surveys. Our investment in these tools and continuous training guarantees that our clients receive top-notch, reliable surveying services tailored to their commercial property needs. Contact us today to get started.