Understanding Zoning and Land Use through ALTA Land Title Survey Services

Zoning ordinances and land use are crucial considerations to keep in mind when purchasing property due to the impact they could have on your investment. National Due Diligence Services specializes in ALTA Land Title Survey services that are intended to provide all necessary information needed to make a wise investment decision.

ALTA land title survey servicesZoning and land use regulations are key components of real estate transactions and land surveying. Zoning is a governmental process that categorizes sections of land into different zones. These zones are then governed by specific regulations known as zoning laws. These laws aim to manage land use within a region by prohibiting or allowing development, ultimately promoting the efficient use of land. The sections, or “zoning ordinances,” are split into different zones, such as residential, commercial, and industrial – all of which have their own set of regulations that buyers and sellers must follow.

On the other hand, land use is what someone is allowed to do within these specified zoning ordinances, whether that be residential or commercial development, agricultural development, or keeping the land in its natural state. Land use can be affected by zoning laws, landowner decisions, or changes in the market. 

ALTA Land Title Survey Services

ALTA Land Title Survey services typically provide information about a property not readily available in a real estate transaction. What sets this type of land survey apart from others is the ability to customize the included components of the report. 

ALTA Land Surveys must include the following information to be a complete and accurate report:

  • Rights of way and access
  • Boundary lines
  • Lines of possession along boundaries
  • Improvements along boundaries
  • Buildings present on the property
  • Easements
  • Servitudes
  • Water features
  • Utilities
  • And more

By obtaining an ALTA Land Title Survey, you’re ensuring that the land you’re purchasing can allow you to carry out any development plans without restrictions that could prevent them.

Table A Options In An ALTA Land Title Survey

In addition to these components, you can customize your report even further by requesting an item from Table A within the report. The options available in Table A of an ALTA Land Title Survey provide you with the information needed that may not be included in the standalone report. One item available in Table A that we often recommend to our clients is a full zoning report. These reports come with many benefits:

  • They include information on the status of the property and whether it is conforming, non-conforming, or legal non-conforming
  • Lenders may require this report to secure financing
  • They show height, setback, density, and area compliance requirements
  • They recognize parking requirements and use
  • They identify the building, safety, fire, or zoningALTA land title survey services code violations
  • They outline planned developments that might impact the property

The reports offer the buyer information about the property that may not be available at an initial glance during the inspection. The purpose of conducting these reports is to gather all information on how the property could be affected by zoning laws in the future that could, in turn, affect the property’s value and marketability. 

Land Use

Now that you’ve figured out the property’s zoning ordinances, you have to ensure you’re staying within the regulations of land use and development. Some restrictions could affect the future of your property, such as:

  • How dense the property can be with buildings, agricultural plots, and industrial plots
  • Building heights
  • Parking requirements
  • Local setback from rights-of-way
  • Types of buildings allowed on the property
  • And more

These restrictions are important to identify when conducting an ALTA Land Survey because they could prohibit you from carrying out commercial or residential development plans you have for the property. 

How National Due Diligence Services Can Help You

We specialize in conducting efficient, accurate, and professional ALTA Land Survey reports intended to help you with any zoning or land use services you may require during a real estate transaction. Contact us today to see how we can help you!