Drones are much more than cool toys

Drones have been everywhere the last couple of years. High in the sky shooting video of your friend’s wedding, zooming around the park and, if you were lucky, maybe under the Christmas tree. National Due Diligence Services is also using them, but to us, the aerial technology is more than just a fun gadget. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs for short, are just one of the tools we use to streamline our ALTA surveys for commercial real estate customers.

NDDS drones are equipped with high-grade software and cameras that produce a safer and more efficient way to gather millions of data points in one quick flight. Using the multiple photos our UAV delivers, our expert teams can stitch the images together and create the most accurate and photorealistic orthomosaic map for you. No more waiting for a weather window. With drones, we can complete site visits that traditionally took weeks in just a few days, and that efficiency saves our customers time and money.  

If you’ve worked with NDDS before, you know that we emphasize being professional, dedicated and accountable. Those values are so important to us that we put them on the homepage of our website. Our cutting-edge UAV technology is just one of the reasons NDDS is the best choice when you need the job done correctly and quickly. Our experienced personnel understand commercial transactions revolve around specific time-sensitive deadlines and that your time is valuable for all services, from land surveys, to assessments and zoning.

Real estate professionals deserve a company that is invested in the project with you. Reach out to our team of experts for all your surveying and mapping needs. Put our drones – and everything else we offer – to work for you!