Brett Moscovitz

Founder, Owner and President

Mr. Moscovitz is the founder and owner of American Surveying & Mapping, Inc. (ASM). In 1983, he began his surveying career in Winter Park, Florida and incorporated ASM in 1992. As ASM’s presence grew across the United States, he expanded into the Caribbean, Latin America and Mexico. As owner of one of the largest privately owned surveying and mapping companies in the country, Mr. Moscovitz began to form strategic relationships.

In 2009, he created National Due Diligence Services to become the service provider to the world’s largest title insurer, the Fidelity National Title Group (FNTG). Now, with over 25 years in business, Mr. Moscovitz is recognized as an expert in land surveying, ALTA surveys and the commercial real estate transactional process. He has been instrumental in creating and establishing many of the best business practices for streamlining the land surveying and due diligence services business for a national platform. He has been directly involved in thousands of surveys throughout his career, including residential mortgage surveys as well as large-scale, complex commercial portfolios and projects. His expertise and management have included some of the largest projects in the U.S., including multi-family, retail & office, industrial & commercial, energy sector, golf & resort communities, and thousands of acres for land development.

He has worked with some of the largest homebuilders and title companies in the country. Understanding industry trends within the commercial real estate industry, he is constantly developing new products and investing heavily in the research and development of new technology.

In 2009, Mr. Moscovitz developed the cutting-edge and innovative digital inter-active review techniques for simplifying the review process of ALTA Land Surveys. This process has been adopted by many real estate attorneys, developers, capital market advisors & title companies. He has developed continuing education programs for multiple states and presented these programs to national audiences.