Jacqueline Bocchino

Ms. Jacqueline Bocchino joined the NDDS zoning team in 2021 upon graduating from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, focusing on policy, planning and values, and a Geographic Information Systems Certificate. As of 2023, Jacqueline is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Urban and Regional Planning at University of Central Florida. Beginning as a zoning researcher, then zoning analyst, and now an account manager, she is well versed in each stage of the zoning diligence process.

The ability to navigate complex zoning codes and untraditional sites stems from her deep knowledge of the legal foundations and history of planning and zoning. Jacqueline excels in assisting clients to understand their properties and loves answering questions to help clients fulfill their goals. She has successfully executed portfolios for medical offices, multi-family developments, retail centers, malls, hotels, offices, mobile home communities, electrical substations, and even hydroelectric dams. Her attention to detail and technical writing skills have been utilized to facilitate hundreds of multi-million-dollar commercial transactions.

Ms. Bocchino is a knowledgeable and attentive Account Manager that values each client’s goals and makes them her own. Throughout her tenure, Jacqueline has built sustaining relationships with municipalities and remains up to date on changes in municipal zoning regulations as well as nationwide trends in planning and zoning.